Most capital intensive projects needs external funding, this is due to the huge capital requirement of this kind of projects.  We provide funding for infracstructural projects, industrial projects and medium scale business projects.

Businesses trying to expand there capacity to either meet market demand or scale their processes would also need to plan adequately for the funds coming in. Below you will find a list of some of the project we finance.

  • International trade
  • Cement projects
  • Waste to energy projects
  • Solar power projects
  • Wind power projects
  • Gas power projects
  • Hydro-power projects
  • Coal power projects
  • City water supply projects
  • Sewage treatment projects
  • Highway projects
  • Railway projects
  • Chemical projects
  • Oil refinery projects
  • Oil & Gas projects
  • Non-metal ores projects
  • Sea port projects
  • Agri-processing Businesses
  • Mining projects
  • Financial Institutions lending

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